Let's meet


Hi! My name is Scooter.

I am one of four friends who survived the destruction of our planet. Unfortunately, I lost my legs. However, that helped my arms to grow larger and stronger. Now I can give a helping hand to everyone.

My special skill is teamwork!


Hello! My name is Sentimo.

When our planet was destroyed, I lost the ability to see the world with my eyes. Instead, I learned how to see and feel with my heart and I started to understand what others feel and need most.

My special skill is empathy!


Hi! I am Signal.

My body also changed. I could not speak with my mouth anymore, but I learned to communicate with special tools and I became a great listener with a lot of patience.

My special skill is to resolve conflicts!


Hi there! My name is Intella.

When my shell cracked, my brain grew bigger. Now I am able to process information quickly and I have become excellent at questioning things and thinking creatively.

My special skill is critical thinking!


Last but not least, let me introduce myself:

My name is Chuka. I am 13 years old, and sometimes when I have nightmares, I dream that I have to fight against monsters, but I can defeat them – join me and find out how!

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