Read about the adventures of The Zorbs and their friends on Planet Earth, and the brave girl Chuka!

Do it like the Zorbs

You are invited to a party with The Zorbs and their friends to learn more about how important it is to accept and respect our friends as they are.

The book is available in many languages:


The Zorbs Comics

The nine comic books below follow the storylines of the videos. Read the books on this page and then click on the button to watch the videos.

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A New Beginning

Discover The Zorbs’  home planet “Zorb”: its inhabitants went through difficult times after they became selfish and lost respect for one another and their planet. Four friends, Intella, Scooter, Sentimo and Signal, set out on a journey to Planet Earth – ready for new adventures with humankind.

Big Trouble with the Small Screen

Learn together with The Zorbs how to be safe when you are online.

Log Off and Cool Down

Find out how communicating online can generate misunderstandings and learn about the values and skills that are needed to communicate respectfully online.

Teamwork Saves the Day

You can be there with The Zorbs when they talk to their friends and understand the importance of fairness and having respect for one another.

Three Cheers to Respect

Find out about what prejudices are and which consequences they might have. See how important it is to respect others and the environment.

Lucky to Learn

Every child has rights and there is a need for these rights. Understand what happens if children are deprived of their rights and how this makes them vulnerable to different forms of exploitation.

Fairness in the Spotlight

Find out about the importance of values such as respect and acceptance. See how everyone should be respected regardless of their differences and their personal preferences.

Picking Up Good Habits

Understand that your actions and the actions of others affect your community, other people, living things and the environment.

Shortcuts with Long Consequences

Learn about the value of integrity, taking the right decisions in difficult situations and resisting temptations to cheat or treat others with disrespect.

Chuka's Book

This comic book is about a 13-year-old girl - Chuka - and her friend who become aware of a suspicious situation after attending a crime prevention class in school. How will Chuka and her friend deal with it? Will they ask for help?

Do you want to be like Chuka? Play the game!


The comic book is available in many languages:

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